Polypropylene Spun Bond

Polypropylene Spun Bond Fabric

Polypropylene belongs to the group of polyolefin’s and is partially crystalline and non-polar. Its properties are similar to polyethylene, but it is slightly harder and more heat resistant. It is a white, mechanically rugged material and second-most widely produced commodity plastic (after polyethylene) and it is often used in packaging and labeling. In 2013, the global market for Polypropylene was about 55 million tons.

Jayashree Spun Bond plays a vital role in manufacturing spun bond non woven fabrics, non woven cloth and non woven bags employ with polypropylene which is suitable and specially designed for several fields of application like Agriculture, Medical, Home Textiles, Packaging, Automobiles, Mattress and Furniture appliance based on customer's specifications, eco-friendliness for environmental sustainability and better recycling rate.

In more than its nine years of production, Jayashree Spun Bond has created several benchmarks and established milestones for the forthcoming generations. We have a production line of 1.6M PP Spun bond Non woven Fabrics with the capacity of 1800MT per annum and one 3.2M PP Spun bond Non woven Fabric with the capacity of 3600MT per annum totaling to 5400MT per annum.

Reason behind the use of Polypropylene Non Woven Fabric

The Government of India announced the ACT named “banned plastic bags” on 1 November 2011. Plastic bags are non bio-degradable and can pollute our environment for a longer period of time. To avoid the usage of plastics, Jayashree Spun Bond serves and working towards the major production of polypropylene non woven fabrics for compostable Biodegradable Bags made from plant starch, cotton or sturdy bags such as ‘green bags’ designed for multiple use to give the best possible services as required by the customers worldwide.

Jayashree Spun Bond have committed and delivered consistent quality at affordable price along with eco-friendly solutions at higher rate of recycling polypropylene which helps our products out of landfills to yet live another life. This commitment has helped us to achieve greater heights in the market sector.

As a manufacturer and exporter of recognized global quality products, Jayashree Spun Bond rigorously adheres to international quality standards and employs best practices environmentally.

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