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Our industry is focusing on the supply chains with strategic vendors to ensure that products are in stock and made available to end consumers consistently and positioning itself as a preferred ethical sourcing target is expected to strengthen market penetration beside other competitors moving into the quality market sector.

The keystone of our strategy is Customer Centricity by incorporating innovation, supply chains, workflows and production with customer strategy, speed, quality, price and service levels catering to their needs. Jayashree spun bond spotlights on understanding the customer needs and anticipate the future portfolio of trending Non Woven Fabrics for a sophisticated and perceptive consumers at worldwide. Our dedicated team of fabric designers has designed over several new products during the past years. This has enabled us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors and create a center of attention towards the customers’ to our elevated Non Woven Fabric portfolio.

Our services to the customers are as follows:
  • Quality of fabrics will be 100%.
  • Advance planning and execution in production to deliver goods.
  • Having specially designed vehicles for safe delivery and maximum loading capacity.
  • Customized sizes and colors as per customer needs.

Technology and Productivity

Now-a-days, the evolution of the world in production and manufacturing is comprehensively determined by the advancements in machinery tools and technology. Our Industry has been largely influenced by such advancements. Hence, it becomes imperative to bring the customers towards our industry on a common platform.

Technology is the most important tool to improve efficiency and hence productivity. Jayashree spun bond have rigorously kept up to date with the latest in the International markets.

The emerging fabric industry requires rapid changes in technology, gearing production to suit technical requirements, finishes, colors, textures, order quantities and short lead times. The development of agile production methods and process routes has enabled the company to meet these requirements in a cost-effective way.

Foreseeing the behavior of the end customer and market trends is important to make suitable decisions in our industry.

Cost saving and productivity improvements are being continuously carried out. At present, almost 10% of the process water is recycled daily. The entire requirement of steam for dyeing is generated through the use of biomass (saw dust). Many specialized technical experts have been consulted to improve process times and raw material consumption in order to enhance competitiveness and profitability.

Jayashree Spun Bond has evolved with the times and continues to grow faster with the ethical commitment to be of value to everyone: customers, employees, stakeholders and society at most to engage a leadership position today.


Quality is our promise by ensuring quick delivery and high quality and we endeavor to match all International standards.

ISO Certified

This certification aims towards improved customer satisfaction, for which an organization needs to meet their requirements. ISO 9001 is an organizational framework, tried and tested towards a systematic approach. It sets standards for internal processes of an organization for consistent quality products.

Social, Environment, Health, Safety & Compliance

Jayashree Spun Bond has been committed to endow with the healthy benefits to the society. Our employees in the factory or office are of utmost priority. We strive to afford them with a sound work environment.

Jayashree Spun Bond guarantee that the organizational processes are in synchronization with the environment, work standards are employee friendly, environmental reach to external stakeholders like customers, community and regulatory agencies, support the organization’s environmental plans, policies and standards.

Jayashree Spun Bond is at the forefront of the targets set by the ZDHC, Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) in safety measures, which is a global initiative where all the reputed brands in the world have laid down guidelines and prohibitions relating to the use of certain chemicals which are categorized as hazardous, in the global Non Woven Fabric spun bond industry.

Jayashree Spun Bond has been extremely responsible in maintaining the highest level of compliance and fascinates our audience.

Our Social and Environmental responsibilities are creating a sustainable environment for future generations. Some of our responsibilities are listed below:

  • Using low carbon footprint processes.
  • Recycling Non Woven Fabric waste and make use for other products.
  • Train our customers for environment responsibilities.
  • Making campaigns in villages about health awareness and student empowerment programmes.

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