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Transforming our Ideas and Visions for the Growth of Industries!

Jayashree Spun Bond is one among the most eminent, progressive, growth-oriented and rising business pioneers for a decade. Since commencement in the year 2012, Jayashree Spun Bond is primed become the focal of attention of the entire industry by manufacturing innovative high value fabric to quality conscious global fashion brands all over the world especially in countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Norway, Yemen, Tanzania, Mozambique, Spain, Somalia, Kenya, Egypt etc., Being a Sole Proprietorship entity, we focus on gratifying the customer by our Manufacturing and Exporting practices under the valuable guidance of our professionals, who hold years of skill in the respective domain. Jayashree Spun Bond has grown stronger by the day with its hard work, innovations and patronage from our discerning customers.

Meet our Management Authorities

Shri. T.T.Sethuram

The Founder

Shri T.T.Sethuram is the founder of Jayashree Spun Bond and a partner in the company. He is an inspiring leader and great example of a humble individual who created the Jayashree Spun Bond group through his hard work, ambition and far-sightedness. He exemplifies the true spirit of determination and humility that has made it possible for him to achieve success in his endeavors. His vision of setting the industry started in 2012 and his goal to progress has been achieved with success. His modest beginning with his imagination and application has led the business blooming in all spheres with Technology and best quality. He deeply cares about the well-being of his employees and puts a great deal of effort into helping them achieve their goals. His focus on employee enrichment has made a positive impact on their success. In addition, He is overseeing all the business operations of the company with his leadership and direction to each division of the organization.

With a postgraduate degree in commerce and 45+ years of experience in textiles, he has contributed to the success of Jayashree Spun Bond. His expertise in finance, production and marketing has been key assets to the organization. He is dedicated to continuing the legacy while striving for further excellence.

Shri. T.S.Rambhilash Baabu


Shri T.S.Rambhilash Baabu, CEO and partner of Jayashree Spun Bond, has an impressive 10+ years of experience in the technical textile industry. He graduated from Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and later certified in International Business from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT). Since then, he has been utilizing his expertise and knowledge to further develop Jayashree Spun Bond with a wide variety of industry-specific solutions. Under his expanded leadership, 26+ countries worldwide have utilized their products--a true testament to his efforts in establishing wide-reaching connections throughout international markets.

The CEO of Jayashree Spun Bond, Shri T.S.Rambhilash Baabu, has been influential in transforming the family-run business into a professionally managed multi-industry front-line business company. He is a leading person who has the foresight to identify opportunities for growth and development. He plays an integral role in executing strategic plans that aid in the development of the organization. His vision and ambitions have allowed the company to take on diverse projects with confidence. He maintains an ethical policy in his concern for his employees, and has amazing coordination irrespective of the nature of business.

Shri. T.S.Ramkarthe

Heads of the Quality

Head of Quality Management, Shri T.S.Ramkarthe is the leader in quality assurance and production planning at Jayashree Spun Bond. He is a graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, has 8+ years of experience in textile industry and one of the partners of Jayashree Spun Bond. He has contributed to consistent quality and on-time delivery by ensuring that all production plans are followed through every step of production from material procurement to finished product delivery.

Besides heading the quality division and warehousing, he also oversees the financial records of the company. Known for his interpersonal skills, he has been active in ensuring the all-time readiness of the company for various compliance audits, being the single point contact on all Quality matters. He exactly lead, supervise and guarantee instructions to quality regulations and guidelines, validation strategy and approval of protocols that advising the management team of proper business implications to quality management programs throughout the company.

Shri. T.S.RamKishori Babu

Heads of the Marketing

Shri.T.S.RamKishori Babu, heads the Marketing at Jayashree Spun Bond. He has 5+ years of experience in the textile industry. A graduate in Electrical and Electronics engineering has contributed to Jayashree Spun Bond in diversifying the market and expanding the customer base.

The youngest son of Shri T.T.Sethuram, Shri.T.S.RamKishori Babu is a budding yet far-sighted businessman. Based on non woven fabric manufacturers and exporters, he is one of the partners of Jayashree Spun Bond. He has given the company one of his effective contributions and responsibilities include developing plans to help establish our brand, allocating resources to different projects and setting short-term and long-term department goals. Due to his marketing strategy and efforts, the non-woven fabric business of Jayashree Spun Bond has made its reputation within such a short span of time.