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Automobile Textiles play a pivotal role in making our car ambient and free from infections and diseases. Jayashree spun bond aims to contribute non woven fabrics for the automobiles, which makes cars ambient, more attractive, infections free, cost-effective and more sustainable. Jayashree spun bond offers the business of manufacturing and producing non woven spun bond polypropylene fabrics for vehicles especially cars. We deliver custom upholstery and seat fabrication services to turn your necessity into a reality. Our industrial solutions and numerous capabilities make us the perfect choice for upholstery needs which enhance the comfort and aesthetics and also provide advanced insulation, fire retardancy and resistance to water, fuels, extremes of temperature and abrasion.

Automobile Textiles play a pivotal role in making our car ambient.!

Jayashree spun bond affords dedicated production of non woven fabrics such as Car Upholstery Fabric, Car Audio Fabrication, Fabric Car Seats, Car Cover, Car Seat Cover, Disposable Car Steering Cover, Car Wheel Cover, Car Headliner Fabric etc., to the end-user who needs care of car in the garage. Our industry has become one of the leading manufacturers of numerous key industrial products and solutions which made us a vital determinant of economic growth along with environmental sustainability.