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Home Textile

Home Textile is a brand of comprising application of textiles in household purposes. Home textiles are used as part of home furnishings, which make our lives more comfortable and bestow our interior of residence a defined aesthetic quality which provide us the good atmosphere and also give mind relaxation to the people. This is a market segment where Jayashree spun bond’s technology fulfills many different applications regarding home furnishing, which needs to meet various creative and versatile requirements of the customers.

Home Textile is a brand of fabric textiles for household purposes.!

Jayashree spun bond manufacture non woven polypropylene spun bond fabric for home textile products like Table Cloth, Drop Cloth, Bed Spreads, Gloves Liners, Suit Covers, Dust Covers, Pillow Covers, Aprons, Curtain Cloths, Curtain Strips and Liners for furniture with unique properties of shape-retention, adaptation to the characteristics of the outer fabric and lightness in weight.

Jayashree spun bond is fascinated with the prospect of incorporating non woven fabrics in home textile apparel as a means of providing something “different” to current woven and knitted apparel.

It also promotes increasing recycling rates and maximizes reuse. Non Woven Fabrics have evolved as a low cost substitute to traditional fabrics. These fabrics are washable, printable, breathable and reusable that make them ideal for home textile applications.