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Well-designed packaging meets the requirements of the product while minimizing economic and environmental impacts of both the product and its package. Good packaging uses only as much of the right kind of material as necessary to perform this task. Non woven fabrics plays a vital role in the packaging field with the features of exceptional lightweight, energy-efficient production, shipping and storage, long life and robustness allows them better utility in real world scenario.

Packaging is the way of delivering products to consumers in perfect condition.!

Jayashree spun bond as a non woven bag traders and non woven bag wholesalers are ideal for providing a variety of nonwoven packaging of food crops, cereals and sprouts that affords an environmentally sound package makes much more likely to consider a brand. We offer polypropylene spun bond non woven fabrics manufactured with superior tensile strength for greater durability. As a leading non woven bag dealer, our environmental packaging portfolios of products like Carry Bags, Promotional Bags, Shopper Bags, Rice Bags, Ecological Bags, Reusable Grocery Bags, Custom Tote Bags etc., are available in different lengths, widths, colors, and thickness as per the requirement. These bags possess strong and firm behavior which does not release any toxic gas or chemical while being disposed. We have also extended as non woven bag exporters, in which our packaging range to include more products with increased renewable content, smarter and more sustainable packaging, less packaging waste and a cleaner environment.